Academy House Leveling

House Leveling

Professional Certified House Leveling Contractors trusted by our ACAD Lock System

Foundation Repair

We guarantee our Foundation Repairs with a lifetime transferrable warranty

Site Management

From start to finish we will maintain and manage the entire site for safety and quality


Foundation Inspection

Do you plan on purchasing a home soon? Make sure the home you are buying has a Foundation thats in good condition.


Sill Replacement

We specialize in replacing bad sills on your Foundation cover, get in touch to learn more today.


Pier and Beam Replacement

Looking to replace a pier and beam on your homes Foundation? We specialize in pier and beam replacement.


Porch Repairs

Do you have a sloping porch? We can help level your porch and patch or repair any damage done to it.

Academy House Leveling

Academy House Leveling is licensed and insured. We strive to offer the most competitive solutions for all of your home leveling and foundation repair needs. If you are thinking of purchasing a home on the Northshore or the Southshore get in touch with us today for a Foundation Inspection to make sure the home you want to purchase is in good conidtion.

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Payment Options

We understand your finical situation is just as important as your home so we offer financing options on your repairs.

Client Testimonials

“Academy House Leveling was able to save us thousands on fixing our Foundation Victor and Brent were very knowledgable. Thanks Academy”

John T.

“When I looked at purchasing a new home I was uneasy about getting stuck with a hefty repair cost, Academy was able to come out and inspect the Foundation for us.”

Sara K.

“Victor and his Crew got our Foundation Repaired quickly and did a superb job, I highly Recommend Academy House Leveling to anyone in the area”

Greg A.

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Academy House Leveling


  • House Leveling
  • Foundation Repair
  • Pier and Beam Replacement
  • Porch Repairs
  • Sill Replacement
  • Foundation Inspection
  • Slab Foundation Repair