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New Orelans House Leveling

As a homeowner, knowing that you may require house leveling and repair can be worrying. You have probably heard that having your home leveled or having the foundation repaired might cost you a fortune, but this is not necessarily true. Repairing your foundation might be less costly than you assume, especially if your house has a pier and beam foundation. Irrespective of cost, having your foundation problems resolved is vital. Fortunately, understanding a little more about leveling your home can make the procedure less intimidating and can also help you in making the right decisions in repairing and maintaining your home.

With time, your home’s foundation may begin to fail, and this may be due to a variety of things, such as soil related issues or excess moisture, or a foundation which was not originally made to support the weight of the house efficiently. Ensuring that your home is on a firm foundation is crucial. Fortunately, companies who focus on foundation repair might resolve these simple issues. These companies do not only repair the foundation, but they may also help in identifying the causes of your problems as well as helping you fix them. This will ensure that your house has a level foundation, and you won’t have to worry about the many problems that ensue with foundation failure.

However, it is essential to do your due diligence and pick the best foundation repair company which will do the job. Here is an example of what may go wrong when you hire a shady company;

Why is a Level Foundation So Essential?

The weight of the entire house sits on its foundation, and s you can imagine, homes are quite heavy, so making sure that they sit on a sturdy foundation is necessary. This applies to all types of homes but can be even more of a problem with two-story homes.

Foundation failure may cause more issues than you perhaps realize. Although it may be easy to disregard these problems, at first, they can begin to become more severe as time passes. When the foundation continues to fail, the house can sink and sag considerably, and both interior and exterior impairment can occur, and the repairs can become even more expensive.

Does Your House Require Leveling?

You may have observed what seem like signs, or you may just be worried about the structural integrity of the house. Fortunately, it is possible to recognize whether or not the house has foundation-related issues. There are a few signs which you can search for if you are unsure of whether your home requires leveling. Here are some hints to look out for;

•    Have you observed cracking in your walls? The cracks may be small or long, and you may spot them in a few areas of the house.

•    If you have a house made of brick, you may have noticed cracks in the chimney, exterior walls, doors and near your windows

•    Are your doors jabbing or otherwise failing to shut correctly?

•    Are there any gaps between your ceiling or floors and interior walls?

•    Does the house seem to be sagging, sinking, or shifting?

•    Have you observed issues with the floors? For instance, are they bowing or sagging? Have you noted that they are bouncier or softer? Are they uneven?

•    Does your house appear to be unleveled or uneven when you look at it from outside?

If you have seen any of these problems mentioned above, it is vital to have your foundation checked by a professional. The right contractor may take a look at your house, assess the damage and inform you whether or not you require house leveling and what caused the problems. This will permit you to move forward and make all necessary repairs to your house, and it may also help you be proactive to help avert these issues from occurring again.

How can Pier and Beam Foundations be leveled?

If your house has a pier and beam foundation and perhaps, a dirt crawl space, you are in luck. Such foundations are much easier to fix because there is easier access, and the tools and materials that are used are not as expensive.

There are a few methods which can be used for pier and beam foundation house leveling, and they include

– Fitting new piers along with another concrete base and block or heavy-duty steel supports.

-Flattening the joists and girders under the home using SmartJacks.

– Adding fresh, high-quality timber to any rotted joist or damaged girders.

-Retrofitting damaged beams using steel I-beams.


Along with utilizing one of these methods, it is essential to find the cause of the problem. For instance, if the foundation impairment has been caused by moisture-related issues, it is vital to solve these problems by repairing any leaks and possibly installing a new water drainage structure. In most cases, moisture is the cause of foundation damage with houses which have pier and beam foundations. It could also be that the foundation wasn’t sufficiently designed to support the house, like when the piers were spaced too far apart from each other. Luckily, having a professional install additional piers can repair this problem and the foundation would be sturdy.

How are Slab Foundations Leveled?

These types of foundations have been increasingly common for half a century now. Even though they are popular, they might fail as well, and foundation damage with a lot of this type of foundation is due to the soil. In a lot of places, especially Texas, it is quite common for the soil to go through times of extreme dryness and excessive moisture. This makes the soil expand and contract, and can cause your house to shift. After some time, this shifting may cause cracks and other issues, and there could be a need to call in a professional.

Here are some ways to repair your home’s slab foundation during the house leveling procedure:

-Resistance or Steel Push Piers

-Helical Piers


-Concrete Pilings and

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